Put yourself in my shoes for once!

Market-Research-RespondentDuring the BHBIA Forum, back in 2015, some key industry challenges were raised in relation to customer engagement and the need to improve relationships with HCPs.

With response rates amongst potential respondents declining, and some HCPs noticeably feeling frustrated with the process of giving their valuable time and completing research, Adelphi decided it was a good time to put themselves in their respondents’ shoes.

Listening to respondents

To help tackle some of the issues, more feedback was needed from respondents to find out their views on taking part in surveys.

Ultimately, Adelphi wanted to find out whether respondents would be likely to carry out research with them again; and if they weren’t fully satisfied, what could be done to improve their experiences and engagement with research, from initial contact right through to the research itself.

What respondents said

Feedback from respondents has been positive, with overall satisfaction among those completing surveys being high, especially for shorter surveys. Out of all the respondents who provided a comment, 87% gave a positive response about doing research with Adelphi.

Market Research RespondentSome interesting feedback was gathered from respondents on areas which Adelphi is continuing to improve on, including:

Engaging with respondents on their terms

Making surveys as interesting as possible

Keeping questions clear and concise

Making sure surveys aren’t too long and that the length stated isn’t exceeded

Giving something back – when possible, sharing some of the results with respondents

Ensuring that surveys are optimised for all devices


Acting on the feedback gatheredMarket Research Respondent

Taking the findings on board, some core changes have been made to ensure that respondents enjoy the research from the initial contact to completing a survey.

Core changes Adelphi has made so far:

  • Adapted recruitment methods
    Using different channels to engage and recruit respondents in a way that best fits with their lifestyle. For example, contacting them by text message instead of email, and running central locations at the optimal time for them.
  • Being honest and showing appreciation
    If we say 20 minutes, then we mean 20 minutes. And it costs nothing to say thank you – respondents genuinely appreciate it when the time is taken to personalise what is often a very impersonal online survey.
  • Continuing to develop gamification mechanics
    The visual design of surveys is continuously being developed, and we are ensuring that surveys are as interesting and stimulating as possible by thinking about how questions are worded, as well as challenging participants to think differently
  • Responding on the go
    Ensuring surveys are compatible with all devices
  • Giving something back
    Where it is commercially viable, providing respondents with a snapshot of the survey findings.
  • Gathering and acting on feedback
    Providing respondents with more of an opportunity to tell us what the experience was like for them and to act on this in a timely manner.

Increasing respondent rates

Adelphi is starting to see an increase in response rates and retention, and in most cases respondents are largely enjoying completing surveys. Clients have commented that they are impressed with the quick turnaround of fieldwork and that Adelphi can access the hard-to-reach respondents.

However, this is by no means ‘case closed’! Respondent feedback will continue to be sought, and the research process improved to make sure that their experience is as enjoyable as possible. This has increasingly become a key mantra within Adelphi, which the team takes great pride in.