Rare Diseases

Rare Diseases Market Research

In recent years the rare disease market has changed significantly. Scientific and technological (in particularly digital) advancements have facilitated the development of personalised treatments within this therapy area. Despite this, several challenges remain.

The number of rare diseases is high, with small patient populations and generally poor awareness and difficulties around diagnosis.

95% lack an effective treatment due to a lack of understanding of genetic and molecular pathways, and which biomarkers to target to delay progression, making it difficult to design and conduct effective clinical trials, where treatments are available. Furthermore treatments are expensive meaning the financial burden and funding demands are high.

Experienced Consultants in Rare Diseases

Our Therapy Area Team will work closely with you to help identify the most suitable approach, challenge when necessary and provide actionable insights to help navigate your marketing challenges. 

We have dedicated Senior Consultants and Therapy Area Teams that keep abreast of the full market landscape including the key challengers, market trends and the likely impact of pipeline treatments.

Rare-Diseases-market-research_The Types of Challenges we Help to Solve

• Understanding disease awareness and its impact on diagnosis and initiation
• How to leverage the opportunity of patient experience
• How to optimise the campaign and sales force’s impact in a challenging environment
• How influential is corporate image to prescribers and payers
• Assessing the potential impact of new market entrants
• Positioning and messaging for new market entrants