Leaders in market access research we have in-house consultants and a dedicated team that keep abreast of the latest developments in market access, the NHS and private healthcare.

Our experts maintain in-depth knowledge of the commissioning architecture, organisational structures, payers’ roles/responsibilities and funding flows in both the NHS and private sector. A deep knowledge of the full market access landscape enables us to advise on the best approach and to navigate complex marketing and business challenges. 

Some of our work includes leading industry wide BHBIA training in market access and we have conducted several pivotal studies for the Department of Health (DH), Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) and the National Prescribing Centre (NPC).

Some of our areas of expertise includes:

  • Landscaping the NHS environment
  • Understanding drivers and barriers to optimise market access for new and existing brands
  • Understanding funding flows and influencer mapping
  • Exploring policy maker, commissioner and provider needs, behaviours and attitudes
  • Using behavioural economics to understand the latent drivers at play in payer decision making
  • Developing compelling value propositions for payers and policy makers working seamlessly with expert value consultants
  • Pricing and understanding value in an increasingly cost sensitive NHS
  • Exploring company image and benchmarking NHS team performance
  • Developing partnership initiatives and understanding how to optimise success
  • Identifying the mechanics and realities of the private sector


What's new...

Extensive SpectrumTM Multi-Relational Database


Adelphi's extensive multi–relational SpectrumTM database enables us to access the right people and the hard to reach. SpectrumTM holds key NHS contacts, going beyond job titles, to provide corresponding profiles and roles to help navigate the complexities of individual positions.

We know how to speak their language, understand their terminology, perspectives and priorities - enabling us to deliver insightful research with key NHS decision makers and influencers.