Our illuminate team is always looking for new approaches that help us to dig deeper and get closer to reality. 
Here’s what our illuminators have been working on recently:


Refreshed Reflexions™ approach to campaign development & testing – New SMR app

Reflexions™ now captures both spontaneous message resonance (SMR) and in-depth message evaluation (IME) – therefore taking account of both system 1 and 2 influences. SMR app captures Real-Time Reactions in an engaging format, reactions can then feed into and challenge, post-rationalised discussion in the group.


Smart use of mobile technology for ‘in the moment’ insight capture

Mobile devices are at the heart of life – both within and outside of research. Examples of our methods utilising mobile technology:

  • Online mobile diaries
  • Mobile enabled communities (the NET™)
  • In the moment survey apps, e.g. for:
    • In the moment campaign evaluation
    • In the moment prescription
    • Evaluation of conferences/events


Gamification – new research techniques and client workshops

Adelphi’s gamified approaches motivate research participants. Unlike traditional methodologies, gamification captures respondents’ attention and keeps them focused as they take part in studies.

ECHO is an engaging trivia game that identifies the extent to which messages are resonating with customers and converting into real-life brand knowledge.

When presenting research or during workshops, Gamification keeps audiences engaged and helps them assimilate the findings so key points resonate. Incorporating games in day-to-day office interactions makes meetings more fun, fostering a collaborative and innovative culture. We are now able to offer training in Innovative Market Research methods and Gamification.