Is gamification worth all the hype?

Healthcare Market Research Gamification

As one of the biggest market research buzzwords of the moment – is gamification worth all the hype? With the potential for increased respondent engagement, motivation to complete research and better quality data – we certainly think so! Using gamification mechanics to better engage respondents through interesting and thought-provoking challenges and puzzles is well established within consumer research. Can healthcare market research benefit from gamification mechanics?

Gamification is proven to produce dramatic improvements in drop-out rates and data that better represents respondent’s true behaviours and attitudes – when applied correctly. (Deborah Sleep and Jon Puleston, ‘The Game Experiments’ – ESOMAR ‘Best Methodological Paper’).

With proven abilities in consumer research gamification raises some key questions for healthcare market research:

  • Are we really capturing accurate data through traditional online surveys in the healthcare industry?
  • Is there a lack of respondent engagement or boredom that’s hampering the quality of responses?
  • Are respondents really thinking about their answers after yet another likert scale?

Maybe not; and yet brand and marketing teams are basing some really important decisions on this data!

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