Food for Thought shares our latest thinking on hot topics across therapy areas. We look at the key challenges that brands face and the implications for market research. Take a look at our latest articles below…

4 ways to prime your campaigns for a noisy world

Before you invest in costly campaign roll-out or continue a current campaign stop now and challenge your approach before it’s too late! Can you be certain your campaign will hit the spot? Have you included rationale and pre-conscious processing elements? Check out our 4 ways to prime your campaigns for peak success…   1. Engage […]


No Voice, No Choice?

Being detained under the Mental Health Act shouldn’t mean you lose your dignity. We are pleased to announce that our report ‘No Voice, No Choice – Making the Mental Health Act more person centred’ has been published by Rethink Mental Illness. ‘No Voice, No Choice’ has been published ahead of the interim report which is due […]


Navigating the Maze of Change in Rare Diseases

Our rare diseases’ experts often tackle research in hard to reach populations and complex therapy areas – and Haemophilia definitely fits these boxes. With several advances on the horizon, brand teams are increasingly in need of impactful customer insight to support their pre-launch planning. Our experience has taught us that market research in Haemophilia, and […]


The Biosimilar Challenge: It’s ‘game-on’ in the Bio Battle

The ‘biosimilar challenge’ (or ‘bio battle’) is one of the most significant commercial changes we have seen in the pharma industry. Adelphi has applied expertise and knowledge from recent research conducted around biosimilars to assess the overall impact on patients, payers and physicians alongside the commercial implications for pharma. The Emergence of Biosimilars Since the […]


Will the practicalities of tumour expression testing be the ultimate determinator of success for NSCLC immunotherapies?

Our oncology team has been doing a lot of work recently in locally advanced and metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. Two big immunotherapy brands now have licences. A third will soon add a further challenge. With trial data hard to pull apart, it seems likely that NICE decisions around funding in tightly defined patient groups […]


Are you ready for the biosimilar challenge?

The biosimilar market is hotter than ever. Are you ready? How can originator brands avoid getting burned and how can biosimilars maximise their opportunities? We carried out an online poll with local payers across a range of different therapy areas. Here’s what they told us… 89% have reviewed biosimilar guidelines across therapy areas 89% have […]


Will the new CDF operating model impact on patient access to drugs?

Adelphi investigates how oncologists feel the new CDF operating model might impact on patient access to oncology drugs in the UK… On 25 February 2016, NHS England agreed proposals for a phased and managed transition from the current Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) to a new operating model. What’s new? Under the new system the CDF […]


What impact do GPs think the new NICE cancer guidelines will have?

Doctors are being told to extend cancer tests to half a million more patients a year under new NICE cancer guidelines. It’s claimed that the move could prevent 5,000 deaths a year by speeding up diagnosis and ensuring more patients have a full range of treatment options available to them. The guide drawn up by NICE […]


How are payers reacting to the CDF’s decision to cut 16 drugs?

Recent changes to the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) have been somewhat controversial. We have seen the budget increase from £200 million in 2013/14 to £280 million in 2014/15 and an estimated £340 million from April 2015, but 16 drugs (covering 25 indications) out of 84 drugs will be cut. Peter Clark, chair of the CDF maintained that […]


What are the implications of the silo fund on market access?

It was very interesting to see last week that NHS England enacted an £18.7 million funding stream to expedite market access for a single medicine – Gilead’s new Hep C drug Sovaldi (sofosbuvir) in combination with the antiviral ledipasvir. The silo fund was originally approved in April and is now ‘open for business’. The recommendation […]

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