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The Latest on Devolution Manchester

Manchester is the first region in the UK to have adopted central government plans to devolve funding and decision-making powers. Ten local authorities are now collaborating as the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSC), to have autonomy over housing, skills and transport, and also control of £6 billion for health and social care […]


Will the practicalities of tumour expression testing be the ultimate determinator of success for NSCLC immunotherapies?

Our oncology team has been doing a lot of work recently in locally advanced and metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. Two big immunotherapy brands now have licences. A third will soon add a further challenge. With trial data hard to pull apart, it seems likely that NICE decisions around funding in tightly defined patient groups […]

gamification market research

Gamification in Market Research

Engaging Beyond the Conventional What do Pokémon Go, Candy Crush and market research have in common? Gamification. It’s the application of game mechanics to improve participation in just about anything by adding fun: to weight loss, customer loyalty, even household chores. Adelphi Research recognizes gamification’s power as a research tool, and is at the forefront […]


Put yourself in my shoes for once!

During the BHBIA Forum, back in 2015, some key industry challenges were raised in relation to customer engagement and the need to improve relationships with HCPs. With response rates amongst potential respondents declining, and some HCPs noticeably feeling frustrated with the process of giving their valuable time and completing research, Adelphi decided it was a […]


Are you ready for the biosimilar challenge?

The biosimilar market is hotter than ever. Are you ready? How can originator brands avoid getting burned and how can biosimilars maximise their opportunities? We carried out an online poll with local payers across a range of different therapy areas. Here’s what they told us… 89% have reviewed biosimilar guidelines across therapy areas 89% have […]


Devolution Manchester: what’s it all about?

Manchester will be the first region in the UK to adopt central government plans to devolve funding and decision-making powers. In addition to autonomy over housing, skills and transport… a significant £6 billion for health and social care services will be put under local control. Autonomy held by 10 local authorities – the ‘Greater Manchester Strategic Partnership’ Control of health […]

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Getting personal with wearable tech

From the brightly coloured Fitbits, to the plethora of health apps available for Apple’s iWatch, it’s easy to see how the global market for wearable technology is on the increase, and how it’s fast becoming the new craze. According to analyst Gartner, 274.6 million wearable electronic devices will be sold worldwide in 2016, generating revenues […]


Six ways to reveal someone’s true colours

Why do people’s decisions so often surprise us? What they tell us suggests they view the options one way, yet their actions belie this narrative. 1) Understand the reality of decision-making By using techniques based on neuroscience approaches we can better understand some of the fast intuitive, System 1 processing we all use to make […]


Will the new CDF operating model impact on patient access to drugs?

Adelphi investigates how oncologists feel the new CDF operating model might impact on patient access to oncology drugs in the UK… On 25 February 2016, NHS England agreed proposals for a phased and managed transition from the current Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) to a new operating model. What’s new? Under the new system the CDF […]


Six ways to make patient research sing

Everyone is talking about patient-centricity, but there are common challenges in ensuring activity aligns with patient needs/behaviours. It’s all about the research. Here are six ways to ensure patient research makes your brand communications sing from the same hymn sheet. 1) Understand the wider context of patient-centricity Provide brand teams with the insights they need to […]


What do HCPs and pharma think about wearable tech?

We carried out self-funded research in March of this year, that was presented at the BHBIA Conference (May 2016), which looked into HCPs and pharma’s views on wearables in healthcare. The short ten minute survey was focused around identifying current perceptions of wearables and the collection of biometric data and how this might change in the months and […]


Patient-centricity what’s our role?

We enjoyed a thought-provoking day at Adelphi’s annual Renaissance Forum, at the Royal College of Physicians, London, where the topic of patient-centricity was hotly debated. The forum which was attended by over 40 decision makers across the pharma industry posed a number of key points for consideration. Read Adelphi Group’s Topline Summary Report for more information


How to include the hard to reach?

Are we in danger of focusing brand strategies only on engaged patients? Patient-centricity has increasingly become a key element of pharma’s strategic decision-making. We are starting to see evidence that placing the patient at the heart of decisions is transforming pharma brands throughout their lifecycle – from conception and clinical trials – through to delivery […]


“Not another boring survey?”

Winning over HCPs… How to Increase Participant Engagement in Healthcare Market Research The BHBIA Members’ Exchange Forum, towards the end of last year, on customer engagement has given us some Food for Thought. The Forum shared some strong views on what we need to consider as an industry to improve the relationships we have with […]


Is pharma missing key opportunities in private healthcare?

“No decision about me, without me!” Unless you’ve been living on Mars in recent years, you’ll be well aware that the NHS mantra is supposed to demonstrate its commitment to giving patients much more say over their care and treatment. Of course, this doesn’t only apply to involvement in decision-making about medications, interventions and procedures, […]


What impact do GPs think the new NICE cancer guidelines will have?

Doctors are being told to extend cancer tests to half a million more patients a year under new NICE cancer guidelines. It’s claimed that the move could prevent 5,000 deaths a year by speeding up diagnosis and ensuring more patients have a full range of treatment options available to them. The guide drawn up by NICE […]

Digital market research

A perfect digital storm

The healthcare industry is continuing to progress at break neck speed. And digital developments are following a similar pattern. The risk here, of course, is that these happen in parallel – but for many pharmaceutical companies, steps are already being taken to embrace the digital revolution and to utilize this to complement and enhance their […]

Pharmacy market access

Is pharmacy’s ‘time’ finally here?

For almost thirty years, multiple studies have suggested that community pharmacies should perform a broader role. Screeds have been written about the need for pharmacies to move away from relying on their traditional role as dispensers and to be more involved in patient care. But despite the aspirations of many, it is a fact that […]


How are payers reacting to the CDF’s decision to cut 16 drugs?

Recent changes to the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) have been somewhat controversial. We have seen the budget increase from £200 million in 2013/14 to £280 million in 2014/15 and an estimated £340 million from April 2015, but 16 drugs (covering 25 indications) out of 84 drugs will be cut. Peter Clark, chair of the CDF maintained that […]


It takes all sorts to make market access work

Did you catch us in the Pharmafocus Market Access Supplement – ‘The battle for market access’? We shared why multi-faceted ‘payer intelligence’ is pivotal to market access success. Read our article here if you missed it… In today’s resource-challenged healthcare environment, a market access strategy is more important than ever in influencing the success of your brand – […]