Endocrinology market research

The diabetes market continues to be a dynamic one; with new products recently/ soon to launch, along with novel combinations of products and exciting positive CV Outcomes data available.

These developments introduce a level of uncertainty as to how, and where, new and existing products will be used. Where will DPP4+SGLT-2 combinations be used, how will GLP-1+insulin combinations fit in, and what impact are they likely to have? CV Safety Outcomes data is potentially a game-changer, but how will this affect the use of oral anti-diabetic treatments? How will patients and HCPs feel towards new launches? And how will competitors react with future pricing and reimbursement strategies? 

All of these questions need answering to ensure the optimal launch of your brand, and/or to develop defensive strategies to maximise future growth.

Experienced Consultants in Diabetes

Our Therapy Area Team will work closely with you to help identify the most suitable approach, challenge when necessary and provide actionable insights to help navigate your marketing challenges. We have dedicated Senior Consultants and Therapy Area Teams that keep abreast of the full market landscape.

Adelphi MarketMapTM

Adelphi-Market-MapsAdelphi MarketMapsTM have been developed to summarise and visualise the full market landscape including the key challengers, market trends and the likely impact of pipeline treatments.

Contact us for a copy of Adelphi MarketMapsTM in Diabetes


The Types of Challenges we Help to Solve

  • Understanding the impact of a new biosimilar on prescribing
  • Increasing uptake of Patient Support Programme
  • Understanding the patient journey and experiences
  • Evaluating the opportunity for a new device
  • Campaign development and testing, ensuring campaigns reflect reality
  • Understanding the payer perception of the insulin market place
  • Early insights from patients and HCPs following the recent launch of new diabetes drugs