The Latest on Devolution Manchester

Devo Manchester

Manchester is the first region in the UK to have adopted central government plans to devolve funding and decision-making powers.

Ten local authorities are now collaborating as the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSC), to have autonomy over housing, skills and transport, and also control of £6 billion for health and social care services. A mayor will be elected on the 4th of May to preside over this.

Whilst the success of ‘Devo Manc’ remains to be seen, in the last few months there has been significant activity.

Devolution Manchester

Since October, there have been outlined plans to…

  • Provide a more holistic approach to healthcare, incorporating transport, housing, education, crime, and pollution
  • Improve access to GPs by making more appointments available
  • Tackle cancer in Greater Manchester by looking at new ways to diagnose, and forming tumour-specific cancer centres
  • Address public health with a publication of a population health plan in January 2017 which in January 2017 which outlines plans to tackle causes of poor health in a consistent manner across the region

There is split opinion and much debate around the risks and benefits of ‘Devo Manc’ and the broader impact if other regions follow suit.

Devolution Manchester

  • Will social policy have greater influence over pathway design?
  • Might this have an impact on the definition and evaluation of cost effectiveness?
  • Could this lead to inequitable prescribing between Manchester and the rest of the UK?
  • Will there be more political involvement in decisions relating to the NHS?

Ultimately, what impact might this have on the access and uptake of new and existing medicines?

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