Are you ready for the biosimilar challenge?

The biosimilar market is hotter than ever. Are you ready? How can originator brands avoid getting burned and how can biosimilars maximise their opportunities? We carried out an online poll with local payers across a range of different therapy areas. Here's what they told us...


89% have reviewed biosimilar guidelines across therapy areas


89% have positively endorsed the use of biosimilars


44% in New patients, 37% in Switch patients and 19% in Both

Some of the challenges facing pharma...

  • Have you got your value story right?
  • Do you know what evidence payers are looking for?
  • How can you best differentiate your offering?

How we can help...

  • Adelphi's team is experienced in the range of challenges associated with biosimilars
  • Our Market Access Team are experts in the UK payer landscape and the differing needs of commissioners
  • We have a comprehensive SPECTRUMTMdatabase, with the ability to access payers across all levels including local, regional and national

Contact us for more information or a breakdown of therapy area results.

Source: SERMO online poll
Sample: N=55 Trust Pharmacists/CCG Commissioners/ CCG HMM/HMOs

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