6 ways to make patient research sing


Everyone is talking about patient-centricity, but there are common challenges in ensuring activity aligns with patient needs/behaviours.

It’s all about the research. Here are six ways to ensure patient research makes your brand communications sing from the same hymn sheet.

1) Understand the wider context of patient-centricity

Provide brand teams with the insights they need to place the patient at the heart of brand strategy throughout its lifecycle – from conception and clinical trials and through to delivery and reimbursement – to transform its success.

2) Place patients at the heart of research

Undertake immersive research to provide an understanding of the daily life of individual patients; how they feel about different treatments and how they live with their conditions – creating differentiation using a truly patient centric-approach; for example effective targeting of patient segments with particular needs and patient support programmes that truly add value.

3) Walk in the patients shoes

Use digital and mobile approaches to be with patients in the here and now, capturing in the moment insight. See what they experience day to day with mobile ethnography, hear how they really feel via in the moment video capture, track how they are really doing using biometrics from wearables

4) Map the patient journey

Map the patient’s journey from initial recognition and diagnosis to initial treatment (on boarding and honeymoon) to ongoing treatment. Identify the opportunities along the journey where you could gain more scripts e.g. via better patient education leading to greater diagnosis and avoid losing scripts e.g. via delayed diagnosis leading to treatment windows being missed or poor compliance.

5) Reach the hard to reach

The challenge is how to reach out to those patients, who might be less engaged, not interested in taking part in research and/or less health literate. We need to think of novel ways, tapping into consumer approaches, to reach beyond patients who are already engaging proactively with their disease?

Reaching the hard to reach will provide brands with the insights that they need to:

  1. Leverage compliance in even the toughest patients
  2. Generate patient push in motivated patients whose health literacy would otherwise have prevented them engaging

6) Inspire pharma brand teams to take action

It’s all well and good delivering robust, rich insights – to have full effect they need to really live and mean something for brand strategy. Bring insights to life through patient videos and visual, animated patient journeys, placing brand teams in the patient’s shoes. Immersion and distillation workshops allow teams to be absorbed in the insights and generate relevant strategies to help brands to thrive.

Part of the Joy of Six series, in collaboration with our Adelphi and Omnicom colleagues and the mPharma app.


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