4 ways to prime your campaigns for a noisy world

Before you invest in costly campaign roll-out or continue a current campaign stop now and challenge your approach before it’s too late! Can you be certain your campaign will hit the spot? Have you included rationale and pre-conscious processing elements? Check out our 4 ways to prime your campaigns for peak success…


1. Engage system 1 and system 2

Research shows that up to 90% of decision-making is done unconsciously. We therefore need to leverage both rational and pre-conscious information processing when communicating with customers. What heuristics (or rules of thumb) can your campaign materials better play to?

Get in touch for a copy of our handy booklet to learn more about applying behavioural economics in communications research.


2. Maximise HCP engagement

Healthcare professionals have become harder to reach due to time, resource and organisational constraints. We feel it’s important to engage respondents with research in a way that works best for them. Therefore applying flexible recruitment, survey visualisation and game theory in research design helps ensure quality insights to hone your campaign.

Even if time is tight… rapid insights are possible to meet campaign deadlines. Here flexible methods and ‘in the moment’ analysis help to meet time demands. Adelphi’s Live Insight Capture and SPARK™ analysis sessions enable insights to be developed ‘on the go’ so not having time to test your campaign is a problem of the past.


3. Get to the point. Quickly.

Messages need to hit the mark as soon as HCPs interact with your campaign. With the average human attention span just 8 seconds, we need to ensure that your messages instantly resonate and stick. Adelphi’s ECHO™ approach helps us understand which messages stick and pack a punch. ECHO™ uses a quiz style assessment to mitigate problems with traditional message recall studies, enabling a true understanding of which messages stick.


4. Take a holistic approach to evaluating campaign effectiveness

It’s crucial to deeply understand every aspect of your campaign and to drill down into what’s working, what’s not and why. Deep insights will give you piece of mind that your campaign investment will maximise ROI by targeting the right customers, in the right way at the right time.

We have lots of experience in supporting the successful development and evaluation of impactful brand campaigns. Get in touch for further information on how we can help your brand hit the spot.



ReflexionTM – campaign development research

A flexible approach to campaign development research that better reflects reality:

  • Reflects the reality of campaign development timelines – through quick turnaround, live insight capture sessions and iterative approach
  • Reflects the reality of material delivery – through testing message stickability and use of simulated sales call
  • Reflects the reality of customer decision-making – by harnessing system 1 influences using behavioural economic analysis and capturing spontaneous message resonance

Reflexion™ now captures both spontaneous message resonance (SMR) and in-depth message evaluation (IME) – therefore taking account of both system 1 and 2 influences. Our SMR app captures Real-Time Reactions in an engaging format and reactions can then feed into and challenge, post-rationalised discussion. 



ConnexionsTM 360° approach to campaign effectiveness research

Our ConnexionsTM 360° approach to campaign effectiveness has been refined over 10 years to provide so much more than average DFUs. ConnexionsTM assess whether the intended messages are being delivered to the appropriate customer through the optimum channels.

  • Well established, yet tailored approach
  • Extensive database of norms to contextualise performance within your specific therapy area
  • Fully diagnostic, to pinpoint precise elements of a brand campaign and communications that need refining
  • Innovative ECHO™ approach measures knowledge and message impact


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